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 "Making Sets Safe For Everyone!" 

Due to the highly complex nature of the filmmaking process, there are numerous OSHA Safety Regulations to protect people from physical injuries on set. What is frequently overlooked are the equally important workplace safety issues of sexual harassment, abuse and exploitation.

Safe Sets® Initiative was founded because here in New Mexico we have certain unique challenges. At any given time as many as two-thirds of our productions are filming in remote locations with potentially no cellphone access when things go wrong. Also, here as elsewhere, actors and crew may be pressured about, or discouraged from, reporting abuse when it occurs.

National headlines and the #metoo movement shone a spotlight on the absence of substantive guidelines to safeguard vulnerable talent and crew from sexually abusive practices and abuses of power in regards to other forms of set safety as well. The RUST tragedy brought that home locally in a very literal way.

We believe working actors and crews deserve safe, empowered environments where they can define their boundaries without threatening their careers. The Safe Sets® Initiative is working hard to ensure the film industry evolves from recommended best practices to uniformly standardized industry regulations.

Our main priorities are:

  • Gun and Weapon Safety

  • Pyrotechnic Safety

  • Intimate Scene Safety

  • Background Actor Safety

  • Remote Location Safety

  • Child Safety

  • Elder Safety

  • Animal Safety

  • Water Scene Safety

Our Founder
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