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Due to the complex nature of the filmmaking process, there are numerous OSHA and occupational safety regulations to keep people safe from physical injuries on set. But what is frequently overlooked are the equally important workforce safety issues of sexual harassment, abuse and exploitation.

The film industry as a whole is currently working to create substantive reforms. But New Mexico has particular challenges.  At any given time, as many as two-thirds of local productions may be filming on remote locations with potentially no cellphone access. Also, here as elsewhere, actors and crew may often be pressured about, or discouraged from, reporting abuse when it occurs.


Local and national headlines and the #metoo movement are shining a stark spotlight on the absence of substantive guidelines to safeguard vulnerable talent and crew members from sexually abusive practices. In addition to lack of enforcement there are critical areas where existing policies fall short.

Long-term, the Safe Sets® Initiative is about creating a protected environment for all remote location film sets through effective and enforceable guidelines, and teams of highly trained and globally certified Intimacy Coordinators.

Short-term, this project will fund the initial education requirements for a certified Intimacy Coordinator in New Mexico and legislative and organizational efforts towards creating safe sets for everyone.

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