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Our Safe Sets® Plan

    A major gap in current production processes is the shortage of properly trained "Intimacy Coordinators" who provide a level of trust, experience and skills that guarantee intimate scenes that are truly safe and consensual. They ensure clear guidelines and protocols for the protection of the talent, the crew, the director and the production company.

    The U.S. has only a small number of trained Intimacy Coordinators and they operate under generalized policies that are often difficult to enforce.
Initial funding was to be be used for travel and training for Lara Dale to work with one of the most respected pioneers of theatre and film Intimacy Training, Ita O'Brien, in London. The day she was packing her bags to leave the US started its COVID lockdown. Once COVID restrictions lift in the UK, Lara plans to resume that critical training. Ita's IC workshop intensives provide the most comprehensive and effective training available. See
Ita's website and here, see how on-set intimacy protocols are used in the film industry.

Staged sex: What an "Intimacy Coordinator" does

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