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Much love to all my generous donors!

You understand already, but here's more about my quest to join in making film sets safe for everyone.

For those who have wondered why I am so fixated on training overseas with Ita O'Brien, this recent article from Bustle cogently explains the many reasons why I believe she is one of the most thoughtful, talented, pioneering, professional Intimacy Coordinators in the world.

“When you have a fight scene, you don’t just hand people their swords on the day and tell them to ‘go for it.’ Because everybody knows that that's just so dangerous.”

I love New Mexico and I want our state to have the best #safefilmsets policy in the country! With your generous support, and with overcoming the current economic and health crisis, I hope to be able to accomplish this groundbreaking mission.

Best and blessings ~ Lara

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