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Resources for Producers
Resources for Producers

Production Safety Issues

Production Goals

How to get your project certified SAFE

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Resources for Film Crews

On Set Safety Issues

Union Resources: IATSE Local 480

Is your set certified SAFE?

Become a Safety Coordinator

How to Report Concerns

Film Set
Resources for Film Crews
  • Does New Mexico handle set safety differently than other states?
    Film sets in every state have safety concerns and guidelines. Because New Mexico has a large percentage of film sets on remote locations (as much as two-thirds) there are additional concerns about access to reporting and help that we can and must address. This is why we fofunded Safe Sets ®. New Mexico's strong film industry can garner support across the board and become a leader for other states and even global film production.
  • Who oversees film set safety?
    At this time, set safety has guidelines from OSHA, from Unions, and from State film offices, but it is up to the producers and crews to follow guidelines. Our goal is to have official guidelines with a process for producers to follow to certify their sets as safe. A "Certified Safety Coordinator" would oversee the process from planning to oversight.
  • Are productions required to follow safety guidelines?
    At this time, following the guidelines set by OSHA, Unions, and state film offices is voluntary; of course it is highly advised. Our goal is to make the process mandetory but have plenty of support in order to fulfill safe requirements.
  • How does someone become a Safety Coordinator
    Official certification training is coming. Watch here for updates and instructions.
  • How does someone become an Intimacy Coordinator?
    There are Intimacy Coordinator trainers, such as Ita O'Brien (
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