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Instead of being London-bound...

For obvious reasons, the Intimacy Coordinator training in London is postponed. But I'll be adding blog posts here as we continue to raise funds and see how the US and UK fare with the Coronavirus. The photo below is a nearly empty Charing Cross Station in London as the city goes eerily quiet.

Here are more images of normally crowded public spaces in London.

I've been an activist, in one form or another, most of my adult life. I've faced obstacles and challenges in every campaign I've joined, from fundraising for the AIDS crisis in 80s NYC, to environmental causes in the 90s, to helping save public access television from corporate takeover in the 2010s. Those who know me know how stubborn I can be about injustice. It all boils down to bullying, and I hate bullies. To deny the rights of someone less advantaged is cowardice and cruelty of the lowest order. I fight discrimination whenever and wherever I can. Whether it’s on the basis of race, gender, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, age, or disability, I refuse to stay silent.

Why This Matters

As a young actress I was trapped on a remote location and pressured to do a sex scene that wasn’t in the script.

When I refused to comply and tried to leave the set, they sent the entire tech crew after me. Then they barricaded the exit. Though I barely managed to escape, I was blacklisted by the local film community and eventually had to leave the state. While the major studios are working diligently to establish effective on-set protocols (including hiring Intimacy Coordinators), I know firsthand how careers can be destroyed by the terrifying bullying and sexual harassment in less-regulated areas of the film industry. I cannot stand by while others find themselves in vulnerable circumstances due to a lack of resources for reporting or a lack of enforcement of existing regulations. I respect the travel bans and Coronavirus safety measures. Still, I refuse to let a bully virus keep me from creating meaningful change in my beloved New Mexico and its burgeoning film industry. As soon as the workshop is re-scheduled, I’ll be first in line.

How You Can Help

Please keep spreading the word (not the virus!) Here are some ways:

Share this blog. I’ll keep posting updates. BLOG LINK:

Share our fundraising campaign page. FUNDING LINK:

In these days of social distancing, I can provide online education/consultation through Skype and Facebook regarding the Safe Sets Initiative and the work we are doing to keep New Mexico productions safe. How are you staying in touch with each other now?

Peace and wellness to all,


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